Community based living labs, South Harbour

Global sustainable development is on everybody's lips, and in Paris 2015 the World adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals – but how do we move from goals to results? This calls for local community-based solutions.

In South Harbour district, we have the possibility to combine local solutions with global learning. Aalborg University Copenhagen is surrounded by a very diverse neighbourhood, which makes it possible to create ongoing learning/practice cycles. And over the years three strong networks with living lab potential has emerged: Business Development and Social Inclusion, Circular Economy Hub and Energy Forum. At this conference we will bring the knowledge about community ignited development from Glasgow and Copenhagen together. We have been immensely inspired by the Scottish examples.

Many local initiatives around the community have in this regard flourished as well, making different organisations, companies and NGO’s collaborating across sectors and professions. But how can these constructions survive in the future and what needs to be done in relation to secure a local and adaptive anchoring? We do not know the answer, but we hope that two cold days in November can show the way.

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22. november 2018