CAFx Micro-festival

With 9 events spread over 4 days, CAFx – Copenhagen Architecture Festival explores new architectural perspectives through premiere screenings and unique film and lecture programs.

The festival investigate what we can learn from children about urban spaces, what fair urban planning looks like across cultural, geographical and species boundaries, and what we can do to embed architecture in nature’s infinite material cycles. During the CAFx Micro-festival, you can:

  • Experience the film and conversation series Spatial Disobedience: Children in Space curated and introduced by Bêka & Lemoine, featuring live interviews between the artist duo and prominent architectural figures Jan Gehl and Anna Heringer.
  • Follow a series of films and lectures on the worldwide material cycle of architecture, including discussions on gravel pits, landfills, the intersection of geology and human desires, as well as the emerging material consciousness among a new generation of Japanese architects.
  • Participate in premieres showcasing films from the international short film competition Film Mosaic, focusing on social and environmental justice.
  • Watch the latest film The Sense of Tuning by Bêka & Lemoine, documenting a day-long meeting between the directors and architect Bijoy Jain from Studio Mumbai, providing insights into the vital energy of the streets of Mumbai.


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