Changing roles – jobs, business and cities

Changing roles – jobs, business and cities


Diskusssionssession med 10 spørgsmål til professor Richard Shearmur i forlængelse af hans keynote (på engelsk) torsdag kl. 13.30-15.00.

The location of jobs has usually been approximated as that of the business establishment to which they are attached. Increasingly, though, work (and the creation of economic value) is occurring in a wide variety of places, along transport networks, and at all times of the day and night. How can we begin to think about the location of economic activity when jobs can no longer be simply located? What distinguishes mobile, semi-mobile and immobile jobs? And how will the increasing ubiquity of economic activity affect the way we should think about cities and urban policy? 

*Professor Richard Shearmur MC Gill University, Montreal, Canada

*Moderator Bjarne E. Jensen, tidligere direktør i REG LAB, nu programkoordinator vækstprogram Lolland, Falster og Vordingborg.