To want all is to get nothing

To want all is to get nothing


Workshop. Share your own experiences in this workshop in English organised in collaboration with IFHP.

IFHP, International Federation for Housing and Planning is 102 years old and a member-based federation.

IFHP is in the 21st century a worldwide network of professionals representing the broad field of housing and planning.

The federation organises a range of activities across the globe creating opportunities for the right conversation with the right people matched with a relevant agenda.

In this workshop we discuss international trends in the ongoing transformation of the European regions where progress is measured in quality of life. ‘To want all is to get nothing’ – also when it comes to regional development. This means that drivers for developing a region must be based on actual local identity and local potential matched with the economy, growth and living conditions.

Presentation of
Examples on European regions by
project manager Viviana Rubbo, IFHP.

Workshop moderation by
Chief Marketing Officer Christina Krog, IFHP.