7: Flensborg Nordwest - Soziale Stadt

7: Flensborg Nordwest - Soziale Stadt

Byvandring tilrettelagt i samarbejde med Flensburg Stadt (foregår på engelsk).

The so-called Flensburger Neustadt is located on the Westside of the harbour and consists mainly of late 19th / early 20th century urban structures and parts of the old town. The population in this area is the most multi-ethnic part of Flensburg – with both possibilities and challenges. It is part of Flensborgs urban renewal areas and is part of two governmental urban development programs: Soziale Stadt and Soziale Integration im Quartier. They focus on strategies that look beyond the improvements of the build environment by improving the options for the inhabitants in deprived neighborhoods. 
The tour through the Neustadt will give some insight into the renewal of urban structures and the socially orientated projects. We start our tour at the northern entrance to the valley in the inner part of Flensburg and we will end in the Norderstraße, one of the most vibrant and interesting streets in the old part of Flensburg. 

During the excursion we will experience:

  • Schlachthof (yard of former city butcher), today you can bring your kids to the yard of the former butcher without any worries. Here they will find one of the biggest BMX and Skate parks in Europe. The local initiative Sportpiraten manages the park and activates kids of all ages: apart from practicing moves and tricks, they have also been involved in participatory actions to create ramps, pump tracks etc. The park will be accomplished with offers for the whole family in the near future.
  • Rund um die Walzenmühle (Around the old rolling mill) – we will visit the old and very characteristic building, which in itself is a good example of urban transformation. After its refurbishment in 2005 it now hosts offices and other services. The area around the old rolling mill is the next big project for Flensburg Stadt: The transformation of the area is part of an urban development competition where approx. 200 apartments will be build. 
  • Norderstraße and Waterfront. The Nordertor, one of Flensburgs landmarks, marks the northern entrance to the Norderstraße and to the Oldtown of Flensburg. Here you can find institutions such as the Danish Library, the Flensborghus, the Phänomenta Science Exhibition and a growing scene of boutiques, artisans’ workshops, cafes and galleries – as well as the alternative usage of old shoes in the public space. 

Denne udflugt slutter i Flensburg, hvorfra der vil være busser til Rødekro Station, Skansen (parkering) og Sønderborg Lufthavn.